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- success through evolution not revolution -

About Peregrine Traders

Founded in 2016, headquartered in Amsterdam with its offices on one of the most famous canals, Peregrine Traders is a technology company that is active in the financial markets as a regulated investment firm, trading for its own account. At Peregrine we challenge the status quo of how we should look at markets and how we should interact with them. By putting at the core of our operations sound research in fields like signal processing, high performance computing and artificial intelligence, by extracting and leveraging the data contained in highly dimensional datasets and by employing cutting-edge technology, we develop quantitative trading systems that learn by interacting with the markets and evolve with them. Our team consists of professionals, each excelling in their own domain, working together, towards our shared vision.

The company fosters an entrepreneurial, innovative, technology focused, team-oriented culture which rewards people for their contributions to the company as a whole rather than only in their direct area of responsibility.

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